Wheat-Free Flat Bread

Our Wheat-Free Flat Bread is made using a combination of organic gluten-free flours, including stone ground whole grain tapioca flour, organic brown rice flour, and organic millet flour.  The tapioca flour is a starchy, slightly sweet flour.  It creates a unique springy texture and a lightly brown crisp crust.  The organic Millet flour gives the bread more sweetness, and a cake-like crumble and softness.  The Flat Bread also has a slight nuttiness from the addition of organic ground golden flax seed and fresh-ground almond meal.  We use Earth Balance to give the Wheat-Free Flat Bread its smooth, soft texture.  The flat bread is hearty and robust.  As well as being Wheat-Free, it is also Vegan.  
A note for strict gluten-free customers: we only have one production facility, and we use wheat in the bakery.  However, we seperate production days that require wheat from those that do not, and thoroughly clean each day.  We do not claim that this product is entirely free of gluten, but we have done our best.