Vegetarian Burgers

Ingredients for our Brazilliant Burger - oh, its real.    

   Ingredients for our Tofu Walnut Burger

All of our veggie burgers are wheat-free, vegan, and fully cooked.  They are made from scratch, here at our bakery in Madison, almost every week.  These burgers always contain real ingredients, and don't have any 'fluff' ingredients, or preservatives.  

Our Tofu Walnut Burger is by far the most popular selection - this burger has a very savory taste as it is full of onion and garlic, mushrooms, organic tofu from Simple Soyman out of Milwaukee, celery, and parsley. It is rounded out with organic rolled oats.

Our Brazilliant Burger is a very nutty burger with a mild carrot sweetness because it is loaded with Brazil Nuts and Almonds. It also has cooked organic brown rice and organic brown rice flour, lots of carrots, onion, celery, and parsley.

Our Amazing Grain burger is made mostly of organic whole grains, and is our low-fat, low-sodium option for veggie burgers (although all of them are very healthy foods). It has lots of cooked organic millet, and cooked organic brown rice, almonds, carrots, celery, onion, and apple cider vinegar. Some people use it as a base for topping on other foods like beans or eggs, some slather it with pickled veggies, and others eat it plain. This burger relies more on flavor assistance than the others because of its low salt and fat content.


Nutrition Info:
Tofu Walnut Burgers (4 pack) 12 oz:
Brazilliant Burgers (4 pack) 12 oz:
Amazing Grain Burger (4 pack) 12 oz: