Ordering for Pick-up


Hello, friends! Many of you have called or e-mailed asking for pick-up options now that our storefront is closed in response to COVID-19. We are pleased to share that Order Pickup is now available! Please call or e-mail us to submit your order and to learn more details about available pick-up times. In our effort to limit contact from person to person, payments via PayPal are preferred at this time.


Phone: 608-257-3649
E-mail: mail@naturesbakery.coop

Pick-up Location: 1019 Williamson St, Madison WI 53703


Free local delivery for orders over $50! Please ask us if your address falls within our delivery zone. 


You can find a full catalog of our products and pricing below. Note that this list is for pick-up and delivery ONLY. Frozen products are unable to be shipped.




Six Grain

1lb bag - $5

4lb bag - $18

25lb bag - $87.50

Almond Raisin

1lb bag - $5

4lb bag - $18

25lb bag - $87.50

Cashew Raisin

1lb bag - $5

4lb bag - $18

25lb bag - $87.50

Molasses Almond Raisin

1lb bag - $5
4lb bag - $18
25lb bag - $87.50

Maple Walnut (Vegan)

1lb bag - $5
4lb bag - $18
25lb bag - $87.50

Apple Cinnamon (Vegan)

1lb bag - $5
4lb bag - $18
15lb bag - $52.50

Peanut Butter

1lb bag - $5
4lb bag - $18
25lb bag - $87.50


 1lb bag - $7.50
4lb bag - $25
25lb bag - $140


Tofu Walnut (Vegan)

One 4-pack - $6

Case of Five 4-packs - $25

Brazilliant (Vegan)
One 4-pack - $6
Case of Five 4-packs - $25
Amazing Grain (Vegan)
One 4-pack - $5
Case of Five 4-packs - $20



Almonds (whole), raw & unsalted $7/lb
Amaranth Flour, organic $3.50/lb


Brown Rice Flour, organic $2/lb

25lb Bag - $40

Caraway Seeds $5/lb
Cashews (whole), raw & unsalted $9/lb
Cornmeal (Yellow), organic $1/lb
Cracked Wheat, organic $3.50/lb
Flax Seeds (brown), organic $3/lb
Gold N White Flour, organic $1.50/lb 50lb Bag - $50
Hulled Barley, organic $2/lb 25lb Bag - $40
Hulled Millet, organic $2/lb
Lecithin Granules, non-GMO  $1/oz 1lb tub - $12
LeSaffre Saf-Instant Yeast, Gold  $1/oz 1lb package - $9
Long Grain Brown Rice, organic  $2.50/lb 25lb Bag - $50
Millet Flour, organic $1.75/lb 25lb Bag - $35
Oat Bran, organic $2/lb
Peanuts, roasted & unsalted $3.50/lb
Poppy Seeds $5/lb
Pumpernickel Rye Flour, organic $2/lb 25lb Bag - $40
Pumpkin Seeds, organic & raw


Rye Flour, organic $3/lb
Sunflower Seeds, raw & shelled & unsalted $2.50/lb
Sesame Seeds, white hulled $3/lb
Tapioca Starch $2/lb
Thick Rolled Oats, organic $1.75/lb 50lb Bag - $65
Vital Wheat Gluten $4/lb
Walnuts (halves & pieces), raw & unsalted $7/lb
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, organic $2/lb 25lb Bag - $40


*Miscellaneous items available until sold out. If you'd like to order any of these items, just let us know the amount you'd like and we'll weigh and package it for you. Bulk items will be packaged in a plastic bag and twist tied unless paper packaging requested. A resealable plastic pouch is also available for an additional $0.50 per pouch.

Thank you for your continued support!