Who We Are

About the business:

Nature's Bakery Cooperative has been organized as a worker collective in Madison Wisconsin since it was founded in 1970.  We are a worker-owned and -operated co-op specializing in organic whole grain breads and other baked goods.  All members not only have a say in the business, we all have major responsibilities in keeping the bakery moving forward.  We currently have 8 members, and we are all paid the same for our work, which includes baking, delivery, clean up, packaging, and management of the business.  

Our storefront (check the contact us / hours page for details) is where customers can get the best priced, freshest products.  However, we are mostly a wholesale outfit and sell at many grocery stores, co-ops, and health food stores in Madison, as well as Milwaukee, other cities and towns in Wisconsin, in Illinois, and in the Twin Cities.  We sell and ship our granola and trail mix ourselves here, from our website.  We also take orders by phone.  

Our granola and trail mix can be shipped via UPS anywhere in the contiguous USA.  You can save more by buying in bulk online, and is a great way to ensure you receive the freshest, top quality granola for the best price.  

About our Ingredients:

At Nature's, we are committed to using organic whole grains because we are committed to providing our customers with healthy, nutritious baked goods at a reasonable price. The grains we use contain none of the bleaches or chemical additives in processed grains, and they contain no harmful pesticides or herbicides.  

We use a pure local honey and barley malt, organic maple syrup, and blackstrap molasses in our products, sweeteners that are all-natural, unprocessed, and in full possession on their nutritive benefits.  As whole food bakers, we are aware of the variety of health problems associated with the over consumption of sweeteners - especially refined white sugar and corn syrup, which we refuse to use in our products.  

Last, genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have become more and more prevalent in agriculture, and their effects are still not fully known.  Soy is one of the most prevalent altered crops, and as such we only use non-GMO soy oil.  

Check out our FAQ page for more info about where we source ingredients.

About our mission:

1. Nature's Bakery Cooperative is a worker-owned and -managed cooperative, and we are committed to a business model that gives workers democratic control and a say over their workplace. 

2. All members/owners share all phases of the business and strive to create a humane, safe working environment. 

3. We are dedicated to providing healthy, nutritious, local baked goods at a reasonable price. 

4. We are committed to educating our customers and ourselves about nutrition, cooperative work, and the politics of growing and distributing food.