Fresh bread cooling by the window! April 30 2014

Baked some fresh bread today, and now it is cooling by the window.  Good smells...  

Stop in for a fresh loaf when our storefront is open!  Today, Wednesday, 2:30-5:30.  :)


Veggie Burgers! April 29 2014

Today we made some fresh veggie burgers - in fact, our Vegetarian Burgers!  A wheat-free, brazil nut and almond burger.  For sale frozen here and all over town.  Pick some up today!

Fresh Wheat-Free Flat Bread today April 22 2014

Making some wheat-free flat bread today.  It's a nice day for it to cool by the window.  Only $6 a pack in our storefront!  Great for dips, pizzas, sandwiches.  


Our new website! April 17 2014

Yes, our website has changed!  We apologize for the brief down time, but hope you like the new site.  We will be working out a couple of small kinks in the next days, but we hope you like the new layout, find it user friendly, and will consider buying our granola online to be shipped to your door!  A new, easy way of getting Nature's granola and trail mix anywhere in the contiguous USA.  Thanks for visiting, and please check back for more updates!

First Post November 19 2013

Hello world!  Nature's Bakery Cooperative is now selling granola and trail mix online in the USA!  This is a great way to support our business, and to eat healthy, fresh, whole grain granola and trail mix!  Please browse the catalog and come back to buy again!