Now Hiring! June 05 2018

Nature's Bakery Baker

Nature’s Bakery Cooperative is seeking a candidate to join our team as a Worker-Owner!

We are one of the longest running co-operative businesses in South Central Wisconsin, and the only worker-owned-and-run cooperative bakery in the region. Started in 1970 by Gini Lopez, we have persisted and evolved over the years to become a Madison institution in the Willy St. neighborhood on the near-east side. (Check out our full history here: We are small, tight-knit and DIY, and we are looking for a few good workers to join our team.

Nature’s Bakery operates mainly as a wholesale production facility. Monday through Friday, we make organic whole grain bread, granola, vegetarian and vegan calzones, vegan burgers, flatbread and cookies. We don’t use refined sugar in our products, all of our whole grains and dried fruits are USDA Organic-certified, and all of our products are either vegetarian or vegan. We source our ingredients as locally as possible and sell to a wide range of grocery stores and clients in Madison, Milwaukee, Illinois and beyond.

For the first six months, you’ll join our team as an Apprentice, learning the ins and outs of the bakery business. The position is primarily a mix of kitchen prep, line work, packaging, and delivery. The bakery is a fast-paced environment and requires attention to detail along with physical stamina. You must be able to lift 50 pounds and are required to hold a valid driver’s license. You’ll also be assigned a management position, so duties also include office work such as invoicing, shipping, customer service, and basic phone/email correspondence.

The position includes three evaluations with pay raises over a six month period.         If you’re inducted as a full-time worker-owner, you’ll have the option of health/dental benefits. We ask applicants for a two year commitment. No experience in baking is necessary—worker-owners will be trained on baking as part of later advanced training after mastering the line work, packaging and delivery shifts.

Applicants with management experience and/or experience in the grocery business are strongly encouraged to apply.

Some of the fabulous perks you will enjoy while working for us:

  • Own your own business jointly with your fellow bakers
  • Enjoy health and dental benefits as a full-time worker-owner
  • Eat delicious free bread, granola, veggie burgers, calzones and cookies
  • Create healthful, locally sourced vegetarian and vegan options for the masses
  • Work on beautiful downtown Willy Street on the near-east side of Madison, next to a cornucopia of cool restaurants and businesses, and above a recording studio
  • Listen to your choice of music all day while you work
  • Wake up no earlier than 5 AM (we don’t do 3AM mornings)
  • Potential to find creative ways to grow the business through your management area

Please stop by our storefront at 1019 Williamson Street to say hi and pick up our application, or visit to download it. Please return the completed application along with your resume to our storefront, or send it to us at .   Please put “Worker Owner position” in the subject line.

Thanks for applying!